Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Revised supply list for Travel Iron Tote

Hi Everyone,

The reason for the change in yardage is that the actual pattern we are using is for the largest size tote and the information in the previous post was for the smallest size tote.

The actual fabric requirements are as follows:

21" x 28"  Main fabric for caddy body - and (2) 4" x 14" pieces for handles (cut yardage = 2/3 yd)
21" x 28"  Heat resistant Ironing Board Fabric (included with pattern) with cotton batting same size               or pre-quilted Insul-Brite (available at shop)
(2) 1" or larger pretty buttons (shank buttons work well)
9"  of 1/4" elastic
1/4 yd fabric for binding

You will also need non-permanent quilt marking pens or pencils and at least a 24" ruler for marking lines on the fabric.  If you use the flat ironing board fabric with batting you will need safety pins the secure the layers for quilting.

If you have any questions please call me at Artisan Fabrics: 225-570-8819.

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